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Including, but not limited to…

Create Your Own NFTs

With Niftify you will be able to create unique NFTs and collections, but it doesn’t stop there. 


What if NFTs became a whole new way of raising funds for your project? 

Think of it like a decentralized Kickstarter.


Create new NFTs in seconds.


Visually pleasting to deliver an intuitive user experience.


Create NFTs on any device.


Create as many NFTs as you like, no restrictions.

Buy and Sell

The marketplace is open for the entire world. Buy and sell NFTs with ease, like no other place. 


We know… NFTs are quite technical, so if you aren’t a particularly 

tech-savvy person, then just pay with Apple Pay.

Easy to use
Niftify takes the simplicity approach. We use logic and reasoning to design the best possible platform for the average Joe.

Creator Protection
Niftify won't store your NFTs unless you specifically want us to. That's a great solution for both pro and non-pro users.

Asset protection

Unlike on other platforms, once an NFT has been created, it cannot be changed by the creator, ultimately securing the buyer and his purchase.

NFT Swapping

Niftify introduces NFT swapping between two parties. 

See an NFT that you like? Simply send the owner a proposal to swap.

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Bor Dolenec

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Why Niftify Rocks

Just a few good reasons to choose Niftify


Put your NFT or collections on the blockchain in few steps. Or use the launchpad as a means of fundraising for a project.


Niftify provides a marketplace for digital NFTs, and over time, we will support physical assets backed by NFTs.


Swap those NFTs with ease! Now you no longer have to wait for a buyer to buy your NFT, before you can buy the one you want instead.

For the tech-savvy people, we provide an easy way to connect wallets, so users keep their own keys.

Future proof

For the average Joe, we'll take a more centralized approach, allowing newcomers to buy NFTs with Apple Pay or any other payment method of their choosing.

Chain agnostic

Niftify supports multiple chains, so you don't have to use 10 different platforms for buying and selling NFTs.

Mobile App

Niftify is web-first, but not web-only. This means we will be available on all of your devices.



Extend the possibilities of Niftify with a wide range of features optimized specifically for the phone.



1st Quarter

Pre-seed (successful) landing page (done)

Technical paper (done)

Whitepaper  (done)

Team expansion (done)

2nd Quarter

Whitelisting open (done)

Seed round (started)

Team expansion (started)

Development sprint 1 (started)

Marketing partners and creators (started)

3rd Quarter

Presale (June 15th, est.)

Development sprint 2 (user signups, dashboard, wallets, staking pool for early backers)

Development sprint 3 (NFT functionalities)


Team expansion

Development sprint 4 (marketplace functionalities)

Public sale

Token generation event

Liquidity pool on Uniswap

Staking pool on Niftify

4th Quarter

MVP release

Development sprint 5 (final adjustments of MVP)

Layer 2 solution

Niftify Ignition (Launchpad for fundraising via NFTs (start))


Niftify Ignition - Launchpad for fundraising via NFTs (final adjustments)

Mobile app for Android and iOS

Second-hand physical items marketplace

First-hand physical items marketplace

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Everyone who is interested in the Niftify platform can become early project backers. 

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With Niftify Plus, you’ll get access to awesome money-making features on Niftify.


Bruno Ver


Marko Vidrih


Emil Sterndorff


Members of the Team

Doron Wesly


Daniela Passos

Social media & content

Ivo Grlica


Paul Denis


Arantxa Díaz


Martin Megušar

Blockchain architect

Nika Vide


Nejc Košir

Community support

Jože Jerše

Lead backend developer

Bor Dolenec

Front-end developer


The Capital is a partner who will be integrating Niftify technology on a future version of to allow users to raise funds with NFTs.

DLT is Niftify’s development partner who will be developing Niftify’s platform to allow NFTs to be easily created, bought, sold, and traded on Niftify.

Block5 is a blockchain capital investment, advisory, and consulting firm. In the most basic sense, they are a collection of passionate and experienced individuals, who have a pulse on how technology is shaping tomorrow.